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    Stone crystal wax, so good!
    Wax is a kind of protection method used in the past. It is a physical process. To put it simply, it is to coat the floor with a layer of wax (wax) to protect the floor. Daily maintenance will only cover and clean the covering (wax). This way of cover
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    The cause of the damage to the stone ground
    The reasons for the damage of the stone ground: 1. The settlement and tear of the ground foundation cause cracks on the surface stone. 2, external damage causes ground stone damage. 3, choose from marble, choose marble to lay the ground, leaving behi
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    The advantages and disadvantages of the granite sink
    Granite is a kind of decoration common stone, this material is still a lot of things, the sink is one of them, but a lot of people do not know this aspect, what about the granite trough? Many people are more curious. Here are the advantages and disad

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